Should rewards and punishments be used

Other Resources Parenting can be a personal and a touchy subject. Many parents would do anything to help their children, and there are few things more painful than the thought that their parenting may have been less than perfect.

Should rewards and punishments be used

Rather it be grandparents, parents, aunts ect, you need to get them motivated to continue your motivation at home. Children will do what they want when they want no matter if they receive a reward or a punishment.

I do not believe in punishment for a basis in learning just exclusion from and activity is enough for most kids under 15 yrs old.


Rewards, depending on the age, is based on progressive work, extra credit work or additional work by their own doing, not just because they behaved in class.

Depending on your age of students and the area you live rich, middle class, poor, rural, city, ect find the common denominator that is popular in your area and make it a goal.

Movie Fridays with popcorn for all assignments completed and turned in by Friday. This encourages them to at least attempt to do the homework and have something to work towards.

Should rewards and punishments be used

Make one of your reports on sociology and science using cartoons. Try it like this. Then when they went home they were to watch certain cartoons such as spongebob on Nick, then Fosters home for imaginary friends, teen titans, and Ben You would not believe the great reports we recieved and even from kids who hardly turned in their homework!

We pushed it through to history using disney movies and what historical events took place at the time the story was set.

Kids are motivated by the things that are occuring now or can show reference to their child hood. That is your reward.


You punishment for not doing an assignment related to those areas should be to be community involved on their topics and increase the wordage and bibliography for their reports.

Math is the same way. Kids are motivated by food and money. Use snack foods to increase participation in fractions and geometry, use money for decimals, division, multiplication. Have "Teacher name bucks" fake money. Bonus cash for behavior ect. Good luck with your class this year. If I knew the age of your class I might be able to help you a little more.Aug 21,  · Rewards and punishments are conditional, but our love and positive regard for our kids should be unconditional.

In fact, when we lead with empathy and truly listen to our kids, they’re more. Aug 09,  · Behaviorism - giving a behavior an immediate response using rewards punishments through positive/negative reinforcement to get the desired outcome.

This theory believes in the "shaping" of the learner and believes the teacher needs to adapt Status: Resolved. Corrections Final. STUDY. PLAY. Know what the fifth amendment is and what it limits. What is the name of the technique in which rewards or punishments are used in order to alter or change a persons behavior?

behavior modification. What is the average annual cost of healthcare per inmate in the US? The other two, withholding rewards and giving penalties, can be used either as effective discipline methods or as punishment - depending on how parents administer them.

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Note: Since it is awkward to refer to the child as “he/she,” all references in these lessons . Schools must have a moral ethos embodied in rules, rewards and punishments, dress codes, student government, relationships, styles of teaching, extracurricular emphases, art, and in the kinds of respect accorded students and teachers.

3) Should rewards and punishments be used to motivate students’ learning? I believe that rewards and punishments do play a key part in sustaining children’s interest and motivation to learn.

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