Ethics case study child abuse

What is the relationship between confidentiality certificates and mandatory reporting requirements?

Ethics case study child abuse

Human rights issues are based on human dignity. Different types of child punishment are prohibited according to international conventions as well as national legislation. Historically, the first legal action to protect the rights of children was taken in Then rights of the child were briefly referred to in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved in Iran is also among the states that signed and approved this declaration in However, child abuse has become a global problem and violence against children is one of the major challenges for health care providers that has endangered their physical and mental health and creates serious problems for them in the future.

According to Islamic-Iranian culture, children counts as trust and the family is responsible to take care of them and strive for their excellence. This study aimed to analyze a case of child abuse in with an ethical approach.

In this case study, a real case was referred to Tehran Children Medical Center in a monthly session of medical ethics, and the ethical analysis was later carried out based on ethical considerations raised by the medical staff and specialists in various fields.

Thus, physicians requested help from forensic experts. While observing honesty in the case report, attempts were made to respect the confidentiality of personal information of the case and his family. On the other hand, the mother tried to hide the child molestation by male relatives, and following this sexual abuse, the father also resorted to unethical manner and has punished the child rather than appeasing and supporting the child as well as denouncing the actions of those who commit this immoral act.

It is essential to monitor vital signs of the abused child, particularly his temperature because high temperature could be the reason for this accident and the fact that child abuse is committed through exposing him to high temperature.

Ethics case study child abuse

Physical examination must also include any examination of external genitalia and anal area. Considering that the sexual abuse is a hidden conduct, if there is suspicion of rape, the assessment is necessary.

Also, helping families adapt in order to prevent further incidents of child abuse is another finding of the present analysis. In this study, it was found that the families of abused children deny and distort the facts about the children instead of supporting them for some reasons. However, medical staffs are usually the first individuals who are informed about the child abuse, so it is logical to consider their views in order to find appropriate solutions to help these children.

In this case, one can provide better education and adequate facilities to properly deal with this vulnerable group. The relevant authorities are also recommended to design a written programs based on the ethical considerations raised and submitted it to the medical centers of the country.

Also, a group consisted of pediatrics and medical ethics, social workers, psychiatric nurse and psychiatrist should assess needs of abused children and their families and plan to solve their problems. The importance of this lies in the right to social protection and care of abused children and their families to improve their quality of life.ETHICS: CASE STUDIES Apply ethical standards to case studies.


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limitations (i.e., a child specialist may lack skills required. Free Essay: The hospital determined that there was no child abuse present by having a conversation with the mother. They did not base this decision on. Child abuse and neglect: ethical issues.

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J Child Psychol Psychiatry. Jun; 14 (2)– Wolkind SN. The components of. Potential subjects for child maltreatment research may be referred by family service programs prior to or following a report of child abuse and neglect, or they may be selected from case reports by child protective service or child welfare officials.

Child Abuse: Ethics Case Study Words | 3 Pages Ethics Case Study An eight month old girl arrives at an emergency room in which it was discovered that the child . The ethical issues involved in this case study are the nurse and physician’s responsibility to report suspected child abuse.

Social services should have been consulted to assist in the process of reporting the situation to Child Protective Services (CPS).

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